The wedding ceremony is more than a rigid formality. Let’s take out the extra fluff no one cares about and the boredom we have seen in so many other weddings. I want you to have an incredible ceremony to look back on. Let’s treat your guests to a passionate and inspiring journey of your authentic love story with the perfect balance of tenderness and whimsy. You and your fiancé can relive a romantic time capsule of your journey towards this day. We’ll laugh, cheer and even allow ourselves the freedom to shed some tears. Let’s be humans having a genuine human experience!


Weddings are stressful! What if you had someone in your corner, just a phone call away to help you get the most out of this journey? What if I told you we could work together to find the best ways to mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually enjoy this experience? We all deserve a passionate and meaningful marriage and life. Let me help you take control of this chapter to live each day with joy and fulfillment and allow yourself to be your best version. It takes some practice, passion, and courage to have that desire. If you’re reading this, I believe you have it in you, so let’s work together to bring it out.